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This page is dedicated to our competition team! Here you will find any info you're looking for related to Team

SHAPE. Currently our team competes in the Bikini and figure divisions of the NPC. 


We have a great group of girls that are supportive of one another, and always there for each other. It is really important to us to maintain a healthy, stress free environment throughout training and contest prep.


We currently have many national level competitors and more than 90% of our team qualifies for nationals every year. 


One of our most important goals is to not only compete onstage, but to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle. A big reason Team SHAPE was created by Josh Mosner is to inspire and motivate others to change their lives for the better through health and fitness.


The entire team is coached by Josh Mosner. He coaches posing, writes nutrition plans, and takes care of training one on one if need be.

Captain Megan Bodiford


Megan started her career off rough by not placing in her very first competition. She went on to show unbelievable determination to make improvements and get better. Following her fisrt two competitions, other than nationals, Megan went on to place 1st in her class in every comp she did, with an overall win as well. She has shown great resilience being able to bounce back from a let down. But more importantly she has been the most selfless and supportive member of our team from the very beggining. She constantly checks on her teammates and is always there for them with support and help when they need it. Including the new team members that come along that she has yet to meet. Megan has always been a huge team player which is why she is our Captain!




  • 2012 NPC Greater Gulf States: didn't place

  • 2012 NPC Heart of Dixie: 3rd in Open Class D

  • 2013 NPC Maxfit: 1st Class D, Overall Bikini Winner

  • 2013 NPC Heart of Dixie: 1st in Open Class D

  • 2014 NPC Team Universe (Nationals): 13th Class D

  • 2014 NPC Heart of Dixie: 1st in Open Class D

  • 2015 NPC Nationals (Miami): coming soon

  • 2016 NPC Bama State Championships, Overall bikini winner, earning the title Miss Alabama Bikini

Coach Josh Mosner


Josh is the creator and CEO of Team SHAPE. He has has roughly 12 years of personal training experience. He holds a bachelors degree from the University of South Alabama in Exercise Science and is a certified sports nutritionist as well. He has been contest prepping competitors and competing himself since 2008. In 2009 the bikini division was added to the NPC which is where he found his niche. He preps figure and bodybuilding athletes as well, but specializes in bikini. Josh is a posing coach, nutritionist, and trainer. He learned how to coach posing from a bikini pro in 2009, and continued to to grow and develop his skills in all divisions over the years. By 2011, the number of athletes Josh had multiplied, which is when he decided to form a team. Currently he has a very successful team, with many national level competitors. As a team, we are still in pursuit of that first IFBB pro card! The most important thing to Josh amongst the team is teamwork and support for each other. "I want a healthy, and supportive training environment for the entire team. We are all in pursuit of the same goal so it's really important that we are all there for each other, to help one another reach those goals..." Josh continues to learn and increase his skill level year after year, coaching Team SHAPE to be the best that they can be. Look for them to take the NPC stage all across the southeast!

Yearly news updates:








     Magen Odom, Erin Daniels, Ila Okke, and Claire Widemire competed in the NPC Panhandle. All ladies placed with Claire being the star of the team that night placing 1st in her height class and almost but not quite winning the overall.




     Jess Armullas and Montana Wilkins competed in the NPC Greater Gulf States. Jess Placing 3rd in Open Bikini, and Montana placing 4th in Open Figure.

     Rachel Graham competed in the NPC Southern Classic placing 3rd in open.






     Megan Bodiford and Morgan Brown went on to compete in the NPC Alabama State Championships. Megan winning the overall and becoming the new Miss Alabama Bikini, and Morgan finishing with a close second place right behind Megan.











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